Celebrate the Newborn King Day 1

When our first child was born our faith was still fresh. We committed ourselves to introduce her early to the joy of life in Christ. One of the ways we worked toward that goal was by celebrating His birth in a special way at Christmas.

We wanted our observance to be more than a one day event overloaded with people and things and excitement. We wanted to have more than four weekly reminders. We decided to start on the first of December at the opening of the Scriptures and work forward through the Advent season.

The daily readings we chose developed into a wide and rich perspective of the Father’s plan of salvation for us as well as our children. We offer our discoveries to you as you make time to prepare your family to worship the Newborn King in spirit and in truth.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1

This verse is a marvelous place to begin with conversations about God as Creator. No matter our age or maturity there is value in pausing to consider the process by which the world came into existence. There was nothing, no thing – no girders, no bricks, no legos, no molecules. God spoke and the universe appeared; in order, bit by bit, to completion.

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